Saturday, February 1, 2014

raison d'être

Once in a while I have some doubts about any of my time spent labouring on art, and how it fits into a grander scheme of labours in general performed in a society. The doubt is hard to separate from, but soon enough routine puts a dimness over it, and sets it into the background. And then, I come across a quote that gives me a bit of a direction and a little bit of hope: "…it is only from the insights of its own creative seers and artists that any people has ever derived its appropriate, life-supporting, and maturing myths and rites" - Myths To Live By, Josepth Campbell p.48 :)
I won't get into contemporary form of myths and rites, but I do see it all around me. I'm working in different forms, trying to mature and trying to express all that I see around me. And that is art.

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