Monday, October 7, 2013

There's a post on this blog somewhere about me leaving school. Based on one whimsical conversation, I went back to the same program and degree again this fall. One course per semester only so I don't feel overwhelmed with homework. School has its benefits that are not impossible but are hard to come by when trying to art on my own. One invaluable thing is an experienced professional artist giving his full attention to my work for 20 minutes per week or so; which almost never happens in the real world (for me).

This course is abstract art which gave me new ideas to play with. Composition is what haunts me now. These are works with stencils and impressions. I was happy to discover accidental movement in the composition.

Another aspect of painting was helpful to learn (that I wasn't doing at all before) was the composing using collage and then painting afterwards. And the nice tiny accidental paintings that happen on the side. 

On a personal note, somehow, at some point I've become a novice climber now? Not sure if you can see the climbing dudes below. 

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