Thursday, May 13, 2010

Friend's Illustration: The Evolution of a Star

A friend made this on a whim and I like it very much (click to enlarge).
It is a simple representation and yet the message is quite clear. She is in marketing but I guess there's an artist hiding in all of us.


  1. Yeah, life can be tough. We all go through cycles like this when major events happen in our lives, and important people come and go. It sometimes feels like we're trampled.

    Time can help, of course, but there are many things that only dull slightly in our memories. We can only try to make those experiences a part of ourselves and become stronger for it.

    :) Sorry, felt like waxing philosophical-like for a moment.

  2. I am absolutely happy when you comment and you can say anything you like, actually the more that is being said the better in general.

  3. ps: I wish this blog wasn't so specific and then we can talk about even more stuff. It seems with distance and time constraints more and more friend interactions are happening in odd places like blogs/twitter. Or maybe just for me.
    Life is strange..